Recovery Program

At the cross He took it ALL. Every sin, every hurt and heartache. He took it ALL. CMM’s Recovery Program exists to help persons with a desire to change overcome destructive sin habits through the redemptive power of the cross.

There are no pills, no drug treatment or God that can make you want to walk away from repetitive sin.  Until your desire to say no to sin is greater than you desire to remain in sin, not much will change.  You must want to change.  Christian Mission Ministry believes that God the father, the son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are required for permanent sobriety, a drug free life, a life where sin is washed away.  Christ is the key to unlocking your repetitive sin.  Once you begin to seek him he will respond. Our ten steps program , built on the Ten Commandments, will walk you through a complete renewing of the mind.   This self contained recovery program makes it ideal for prison, small groups, large groups or individual settings.  All you need is a bible, CMM Ten Steps book, and the desire to change…  In many instances our ministry will  provide a start up team.  This team will come to your area to assist you with the implementation of this program and provide you with all of the necessary materials at no cost.

The CMM Ten Steps

  1. I admit my need for God’s gift of salvation and that my life at times is sinful.
  2. I turn my heart, body, mind, and soul over To the care of Jesus Christ, hoping to understand him more fully.
  3. I actively seek out my weaknesses and build on my strengths.
  4. I recognize the need for rest and seek out a personal relationship with Christ.
  5. I open my self up to Christ in order to be healed.
  6. I came to believe through the Holy Spirit that the power of Jesus Christ who is greater than my self can transform my body, heart and soul.
  7. I acknowledge God’s ways as pure and accept them in their entirety.
  8. I own up to my behavior and to the destruction along its path.
  9. I seek forgiveness from those I have harmed, from our heavenly father and from my self.
  10. I am willing to share the message of God’s love and forgiveness and to live by


For your free copy of the CMM Ten Steps book, please contact us.